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Distributor Garnet Indonesia

Kami Adalah Importir sekaligus Distributor Garnet di Indonesia untuk pemesanan atau info lebih lanjut silahkan kontak kami kapanpun melalui phone atau WA 081288129457

Distributor Garnet Indonesia

Garnet also known as “jade” or “natural steel”, has strong hardness and good acid and alkali resistance, is an island structure of silicate aluminum (CA), at present, the high-purity magnetic-generated a gray, red, green, white and other chromosome, common garnet because it composition and confirmed as six, respectively, pyrope, almandine garnet-bearing, manganese aluminum garnet, Distributor Garnet Indonesia calcium iron garnet, Grossular and uvarovite. Appearance: Green black granular, is composed of the island structure of aluminum silicate minerals (calcium) from the processing of.

Features: Strong durability, high melting point, than the major, stable performance,
Hardness: 7-8. Density: 3.5-4.3 g / cubic centimeter

1 steel structure, ship, bridge, sandblasting derusting;
2 metal, stone, glass and other water jet cutting;
3 chemical, petroleum, water treatment filter media;
4 grinding optical lens, marble, glass, leather and other materials;
5 wheel, oilstone, emery cloth, sand paper raw materials;
6 highway road, runway, wear-resistant, wear-resistant materials such as rubber anti-skid paint;
7 is widely used in the construction industry, high-grade stone wall decoration interior decoration noble temperament elegant. New non-metallic wear-resistant flooring aggregate ideal.

Distributor Garnet Indonesia

Distributor Garnet Indonesia, derived from mined Almandite and Andradite mineral deposits, is a semi-precious stone. Once extracted, it is processed and then screened to the desired grade.
The combination of the high density and physical properties make Garnet nature’s most highly efficient, effective and safe abrasive for both wet and dry blasting applications.

Wide range of grades and composition available for different jobs and profiles
Superior surface profile – garnet grains create a uniform profile virtually free of embedment, providing an excellent surface for coating adhesion
Cost-effective – highly effective, low consumption
Non-toxic – inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are less than 1%
Recyclable up to 5 times
Low dust levels – improved operator visibility
Easy cleanup
Non-reactant – will not interfere with your coatings
Non-porous – will not draw moisture

Distributor Garnet Indonesia

The specific gravity of garnet is 3.96g/cm3. The main inner structure of garnet is crystallized iron and alumina.Distributor Garnet Indonesia It is suitable for free lapping or being used for making organic bonded abrasive tools. It also has non-abrasive application.

Our garnet sand Mesh 20-40#, 30-60# are uniform particles used for sandblasting in Oil and Petroleum industry maintenance refineries, oil well,shipbuilding, repair yard, shipyard,bridges,rail tanks, new buildings and denim,etc.
Our garnet sand 20-40# is one of the most cost effective alternatives for water filtration bedsbecause it resets the filter bed more rapidly if the filter bed is back-flushed.

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