Jual Sand Blasting Pot 600lbs

Jual Sand Blasting Pot
Jual Sand Blasting Pot

Jual Sand Blasting Pot Mobile Sandblasting Pot is perfect for finishing large on-site or over-sized projects like steel pipe, mold, fitness amusement equipment, ships, bridges, machinery, pipelines, water conservancy projects, port construction to remove rust, oxidation or other contaminants of their sufaces. It is the pretreament process of painting, powder coating or plating.

Working Mechanism

The mobile sandblasting pot use direct pressure blasting mechanism, that is, the high speed flow of compressed air in the vessel forms high-pressure to conveys the abrasive to the sand hose. Finally the abrasive is blasted through the nozzle to the workpiece surface,Jual Sand Blasting Pot which achieves the purpose of sandblasting.

Pressure sandblasting pot can be more efficient getting the job done sooner by continuous abrasive flow while siphon type is usually what it sucks is what you get

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Jual Sand Blasting Pot
Jual Sand Blasting Pot

Technical Parameters
Model   : Mobile Sandblasting Equipment, Blasting Pot
Volume : 200L
Abrasive Loading Qty (Garnet Sand) : 275Kg
Pot Diameter : 500mm
Pot Height : 1200mm
Wall Thickness : 5mm
Working Time : 18minutes
Color : Blue standard, can be customized according to request.
Control : Pneumatic or remote control
Sandblasting Nozzle : 1 pcs

Jual Sand Blasting Pot 600lbs
Jual Sand Blasting Pot 600lbs

Sandblasting Pot recognises the needs of the industry and their portable abrasive blast equipment offers all the features that the professional user requires.
All machines are fitted with a well designed and proven single piece
remote control deadman system and silencer giving reduced labour cost,
high efficiency of abrasive, performance and operator safety.
Blasting Pot machines are designed to be used with the wide range of accessories including a wide choice
of nozzles, wetblast attachments, internal pipe cleaning devices, dust free blasting heads.
A wide range of high production single or double chamber and multiple outlet machines is available,Jual Sand Blasting Pot.
manufactured to cover all possible requirements of the industry.
All equipment is designed to guarantee fast filling, unrestricted airflow, easy access for inspection and maintenance.
The machines are constructed for a minimum 10 Bar (150 PSI) working pressure and are supplied with international approved test certificates.Construction heavy gauge constructed pressure vessel fabrication tested to 13 bar (190 psi) with a working pressure of 10 bar.Metering valves full range including the Flat Sand Valve (FSV),
Steel Grit Valve (SGV) with replaceable liner.

Jual Sand Blasting Pot 600lbs

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